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March 11th, 2023 by

It has been a while since any updates, but we have had lots of adventures over the past several months. Here are some highlights:

In November we had fun playing musical chairs, dinosaur tea party, and with Eli’s bear and chickie. We even played monopoly with them and pulled them around on a sled.

In December, we enjoyed making up our own versions of the game, “Hi Ho Cherry-O.” We also played with Eli’s Toy Dinosaurs a good bit and played superhero. After Christmas, I had some time off from work. This let us place “race” with the animals around the house. We used some string to create a race track and ran the animals around the house in pairs. Running outside trying to find animals was also a favorite. Eli read Squirrel Nutkin at Dede and Papa’s house, and he enjoyed pretending to be the little animals. Silly Octopus was another game Eli liked during this time.

When January rolled around, Eli enjoyed playing with some of his Christmas presents including his pogo stick and the make-a-story game. In early January, after a fun dinoasuar tea party, Eli and I played in th epark together and went to buy a toy car with some of Eli’s Christmas money. We also liked pretending to be a pixie and a brownie and do chores. Eli really liked “Wild Kratts” during this time, and we would often pretend to “activate” various animals we saw outside. We would also ask animals what they like to eat a lot. Another new game that came about was Sillyman. Sillyman would overreact and confuse what items were. Eli would laugh and laugh.

In early February, Eli and I had a fun time going to Petco and reading books in Barnes and Nobles at the Arboretum. He really enjoyed Llama Llama goes to School and Pete the Cat. We’d play zoo with the animals a lot during this time. We also went to a park together, but Eli mostly wanted to play on the outdoor exercise equipment. We enjoyed building animal pens out of Lincoln Logs and going on walks around the neighborhood. We had a fun time at Gaga’s birthday party during this month.

In March, we told lots of stories. We also starting making paper animals. We’d go through Eli’s book and draw animals. After, Eli or I would cut out the animals. Sometimes, we’d even use them in a puppet show. We raced some cars down the ramp like we used to do, and built worlds for Eli’s cars (color matching) out of Duplo. Eli and I walked to Church together one morning, something Kasey does with him often.

That’s all for now! We’ve had a lot of fun together!


Eli Plays Soccer

October 10th, 2022 by

Eli had his first soccer practice four weeks ago. He had a fun time during the first practice where he had to knock down comes with his foot, run through cones, and then play soccer. All the kids would run to the ball. The next week, Eli was a lot more hesitant, but he ultimately played a little and scored a goal with the rest of the kids. He has not wanted to play since then. Thankfully, his allergies are doing a lot better, and we were able to eat out the evening of his first soccer practice.

Eli in line for cone drills
Eli Playing Soccer
Out to Dinner


Eli and Daddy at the Football Game

October 10th, 2022 by

Eli went to a football game with Daddy a few weeks back. Clemson played Furman. Eli was far more interested with everything going on that was not the football game. He liked watching the band play and the cheerleaders be held up on one foot. He enjoyed getting some peanuts to eat as well. But nothing compared to the Tiger mascots. The big mascot wearing number one and the little mascot wearing 1/2. He loved seeing the Tigers and enjoyed the tiger on top of the scoreboard as well. He loved the mascots so much, we went on the field after the game to try to find them. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find them, but Eli had a fun time nonetheless.

Eli at the football game
Eli and Daddy on the field


August 4th, 2022 by

Eli has been telling Kasey and me he loves us a lot recently. It is very sweet. Addy loves her big brother and always smiles when she plays with him. He loves her a lot too. Yesterday, he protected her from being hit by the rocking chair.


Couch Game

July 2nd, 2022 by

Eli and I played a fun game yesterday where one of us would try to roll off the sitting room couch. The other one would try to prevent the person on the couch from falling off. We had a lot of laughs together!


Fun Weekend

June 20th, 2022 by

I had a fun weekend with my family. Eli and I went to the farmer’s market and caboose in Matthews on Saturday and had fun playing cars and basketball. Kasey and Eli bought me a nice water bottle for Father’s day. Eli picked it out.


Daddy & Eli’s Mall Trip

June 12th, 2022 by

Today, Eli and Daddy went to Concord Mills mall together. We also went to the early church service together in the morning as the girls weren’t feeling to well, so we had quite the Daddy/Eli day. Eli put stickers in his sticker book on the way to the mall. Once we got there, the first thing Eli did was go on all the car rides. He didn’t actually ride on any, but he wanted to get in all the vehicles.

After that, we went to the aquarium. Eli asked if he could have one of the adventure hats on the counter and the attendant happily gave it to him! Next it was time to look at all the ocean life. First we saw some big fish and not long after we made it to the pool where you could touch the animals.

Eli Looking at the Big Fish

Eli touched two starfish. We went on to see eels, sea turtles, jellyfish, schooling fish, and more.

Eli Excited to See Two Rays

There were lots of fun places to walk through, especially for kids. There was a crawl space kids could go in, pop their heads up, and see fish swim all around them.

Eli Seeing Fish All Around

There was a large tunnel for people to walk through as sharks, rays, and other fish swam overhead, and there was a smaller tunnel for kids to walk through as smaller fish swam around them.

Large Fish Tunnel
Eli Looking at Large Fish Tunnel

Eli met a little boy and girl in the kids tunnel and had a fun time pointing to fish with them.

Kids Fish Tunnel

At the end of the aquarium was a place where kids could draw and play. Eli and I played giant Connect 4 together (although we really just had fun putting the pieces where they go).

When we finished the aquarium, we headed to the Lego store, where Eli build a store out of Lego pieces. He is used to Duplo, but he did a good job with the Lego.

Building a Lego Store in the Lego Store

On the way to our next destination, Eli played on some blocks they had near some seating in the mall. Following the brief stop, we arrived at the book store where we read an animal encyclopedia as we sat on the floor together. There were animals on every page and Eli would ask Daddy what each one was. After the book store we headed to Bass Pro Shops where we went to the big fish tank. There were some big fish in the Bass Pro Shops, but it wasn’t quite as exciting as the aquarium. We looked around in Bass Pro for a while and then left to head to the Train store. Following another short stop on the car rides en route to the train store, we saw the Lionel trains. The tracks in the store were grand, and Eli loved looking for every detail from the kids playing, to the model zoo, to what every type of train was, to which of the model people were Daddy, Mommy, Eli, and Addy. There were four model sets, and we looked at all four very closely for a while.

Watching the Trains

Returning back to the rides near where we entered, Eli pretended to be an Ice Cream Truck worker and served me Ice Cream. We took one more quick walk through the aquarium, since our tickets were good all day, and walked to our car to head home.


Letters to the Fort

June 8th, 2022 by

Eli and I had a fun time this morning drawing pictures, putting them in envelopes, addressing them, stamping them with animal stamps, and delivering them to the stuffed animals in the sofa fort.


Trip to the Zoo

June 5th, 2022 by

On Tuesday, May 31st, we visited the zoo as a family. This was little Addy’s first trip to the zoo, and Eli’s most exciting trip yet. We had gone to Riverbanks Zoo with Eli the past two years as well. We got there around 9:30 in the morning and did not leave until three. This time, Eli helped Daddy by the tickets. Eli’s ticket had a rhino on it. Addy’s had a tiger, Daddy’s had penguins, and Mommy’s had a flower. We started out seeing the otters while the bear was still hiding. Next we saw the lions. As Eli pointed out, there were two mommy lions and one daddy lion.

Kasey and Addy in front of the lions
Daddy and Eli in front of the lions

They were lying in the shade on the hot day. Eli also loved the baboons and the tiger. We were fortunate enough to see a baby flamingo chick being fed by its mother. The baby was white and captured the whole family’s interest.

Mother flamingo feeding baby

The sea lion and seal training show was another highlight. The trainers fed and played with the sea lions and seals, feeding them fish treats to encourage them. The announcer provided various sea lion and seal facts.

Eli watching the seal and sea lion show

Eli and I got our annual pictures with the Koalas right by the Komodo dragon but the Koalas were all inside this year. Unfortunately the aquarium was closed but there were still plenty of fun things to do. We went on the Kangaroo walkabout where the kangaroos and the wallabies are right in the area with you. They were shy and only a wallaby was anywhere near us, but they were fun to see nonetheless. Next, after going through the tunnel with lots of smaller animals, we saw the gorillas. They were sleepy and hot. They were taking a nap in the shade right by the building, so we got a very good look at them.

Gorilla relaxing in the shade

Eli was asking about seeing the giraffes almost the whole time we were there, and he got to see them next. We even got to feed them some lettuce. Eli was a little scared of their long tongue, but he eventually fed the giraffes a piece of lettuce. He was very excited about this.

Feeding the giraffes

Along with the giraffes we saw some ostriches, zebras, and rhinos. Eli learned that the Rhinos eat grass and hay.


Next was the highlight of the trip. A brief train ride followed by the petting zoo. Eli loved petting and brushing the goats. He also got to sit in a tractor and spotted some ducks under the tractor, but he made sure to pet and brush every single goat.

Eli brushing a goat
Eli in the tractor
Petting the goats

We took a brief stop to see the penguins and other birds inside.


After seeing all the animals, we had our packed lunch. Then, we went back in the zoo and walked up to the botanical gardens.


After a quick look at the beautiful plants, we saw the splash park. Eli is a little afraid of the splash park, but he did have some fun with some of the less intense water activities. We bought some water to drink to cool us down as well. The water felt very nice on our feet.

Splash park

There were other fun activities such as a little house for kids and a huge tree house to walk through.

Little house

When we were done, we took the cart down the hill and made our way to the souvenir shop. On the way there, we saw the lions had moved a little and the bear had come out. We stopped to check in on him. At the souvenir shop, Eli picked out a little toy kangaroo with a joey in its pouch, and that was our day at the zoo!